Examcart CTET Complete Guidebook + Previous Years Solved Paper (Class 6 to 8 - Paper 2) in Hindi For 2023 Exam

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Book Structure-

  • 1 solved paper of 7 January 2022.
  • 1000+ chapter wise important questions with answer key.
  • Analysis chart of 2011-2022 papers.
  • Subjects included- Child development and pedagogy, English and Hindi Language, and Social Science.

Book Key Features-

  • Includes detailed solutions to the questions
  • Syllabus wise guidebook to help you prepare well for exams in less time.
  • Theory based on NCERT pattern and CTET Syllabus.

Why is this book the best?

  • If you prepare from this study guide then you don’t need multiple books for CTET Paper-2.
  • Study guide will help you cover the entire syllabus in less duration.
  • You can accurately estimate your readiness for the exam by 90%.
  • Practicing the important questions from this book will improve your preparation.

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