Examcart SSC MTS (Multi-Tasking Non-Technical) Practice Sets With Solved Papers Book in Hindi for 2023 Exam

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SKU : CB1082
Category : Central Exams
Sub-Category : SSC and Railway (Non technical)
Book Type : Solved Papers
Book Medium : Hindi Language
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Brand : Examcart Experts

Book Structure-

  • 20 Practice Sets 
  • 5 Previous Years’ Solved Papers (2022-2019)
  • Subjects included- General English | सामान्य बुद्धिमत्ता एवं तर्कशक्ति | संख्यात्मक अभिरुचि | सामान्य जानकारी 

Book Key Features-

  • Includes score check meter 
  • Includes analytical chart of previous years’ papers (2022-2019)
  • Includes detailed solutions to the questions
  • Based on the latest syllabus and previous years' exams

Why is this book the best?

  • These practice sets are designed just like the actual exam, so you can take a feel of the exam before the actual SSC Multi Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) exam.
  • It includes a score meter to help you analyze your readiness for the exam. You can improve on the weak topics beforehand and go 100% prepared for the exam.
  • It includes new (not the same previous years’ questions) and very important questions for your sufficient practice.
  • These practice sets will help you accurately estimate your readiness for the exams by up to 90% and learn time management before the exam.
  • Practice as many practice sets because only practice brings perfection.



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