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Examcart Central Hindu School Class 6 Study Guidebook in Hindi

Book code: CB1383 | Pages: 394 | Category: Central Exams | Sub-Category: School Entrance | Book Type: GuideBook

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Book Structure-

  • Complete Study Guidebook
  • Covers subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science
  • 2400+ Chapter-wise questions

Book Key Features-

  • The book follows the latest syllabus of the Central Hindu School (CHS) entrance exam.
  • It also includes all the main and important topics of NCERT.
  • The presented book also comprises theory based on previous years’ CHS questions.
  • With a handsome amount of questions, the book also includes 1 solved paper for better practice.
  • This book also includes previous years questions’ analytical chart.

Why is this book the best?

  • This book guarantees accurate and complete exam preparation.
  • Studying with this book thoroughly, you will be able to solve upcoming exam’s questions very easily.
  • The language of the book is very easy and understandable which helps you to clear all your concepts.
  • The analytical chart presented in this book will assist you to identify the types of questions and you will also become familiar with the concept like which question has come from which topic. 
  • This book is best to prepare yourself for solving the questions in the coming entrance exam.