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Examcart Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya Class 6 PT & Mains (Paper 1 & 2) Study Guide Book for 2024 Exam

Book code: CB1382 | Pages: 530 | Category: Bihar | Sub-Category: Hindi | Book Type: GuideBook

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Book Structure-

  • Contains 2800+ Chapter-wise questions
  • Covers subjects like General Science | Maths | Science | Mental Ability | Hindi | English
  • Useful for class 6th (Paper 1 & 2) exam

Book Key Features-

  • Complete theory is based on the latest syllabus and includes all the updated topics.
  • It also includes main and important key-points from NCERT textbook.
  • Most of the theory has also been taken from Simultala’s previous years’ questions papers.
  • It also contains paper 1 and paper 2 solved papers for better practice.
  • It also includes an analytical chart of previous years questions.
  • The book comprises the latest exam paper pattern.

Why is this book the best?

  • Proper explanation of every topic is given in easy language to clear the concepts.
  • The book covers all the important topics from the subjects that are important for the Simultala class 6 entrance exam.
  • The book prepares you to solve any type of question by clearing your concepts and providing you the opportunity to complete practice. 
  • Most of the paper came from NCERT, so inclusion of theory from NCERT textbook is given in this study guide book.
  • The book also helps you to prepare a good strategy so that you can effectively prepare for the exam.

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