About Us


The parent company was launched in 1945, with a sole goal to provide affluent content textbooks to educate the younger generation to build a path for the bright future of the nation. 73 years later, the company is now managed by the 3rd generation of the Agrawal family under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Ravi Agrawal.


Educart is the young generation education provider, driven by a dramatic change in its work culture, growth and management style under the reins of Mr. Rahul Agrawal. A 1st class engineer by degree and a passionate education reformist at heart, Rahul is the first to bring the digital learning platform to the publication space in India.


With Examcart, a radical change in the way education is offered to the masses is brought in. Students today prepare for exams not just through books but with a consortium of various tools. Youtube videos are used to learn tricks and short-cuts, coachings are taken to get the basics right and books are purchased just after the exam is announced to practice.



Understanding the process is important to design an offering that plugs into the trends and preferences of our students. Hence, we have designed our books by working with expert teachers and created supporting video content through online coachings to go with our top-notch books.

We want to be at at the forefront of providing high-quality content to our students at lowest prices. Try us and if in any doubt, reach us on examcart@gmail.com. 

Over time, this blended learning model will be rolled out to all our books for all competitive exams.

We welcome you to be a part of our family and together lets brighten the world with power of knowledge.


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