All TGT Arts Exams Practice Sets And Solved Papers Book For 2022

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Sub-Category : UP TGT / UP PGT
Book Type : Practice Sets
Book Medium : Hindi
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Key Features of the Book-

  • These practice sets are based on new and important questions.
  • It has 15 solved practice sets and 3 solved papers (2019, 2016, 2013).
  • It provides a student’s corner. 
  • Agrawal ExamCart Help Center is available 24x7.
  • It helps you Ace the exam with their best strategies.
  • It can help you to do 100% accurate preparation of current affair


  • Estimate your readiness for the exam by up to 90% with this book.
  • If you practice these papers, then no one can stop you from cracking the exam.
  • Take your preparation to Another Level by Preparing these Solved Papers.
  • Helps to learn time management and complete the exam with 100% accuracy.
  • Practice doesn’t make you perfect... If you’re doing it wrong. So, choose Agrawal ExamCart UP TGT कला Practice Sets for your excellent practice.





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