Examcart Combo of 6 books Latest Rapid Series Itihaas, Rajvyavastha, Arthvyavastha, Bhugol evam Paryavaran, Vigyaan Evam Prodyogiki, Vigyan Books in Hindi For All Government & Competitve Exams

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Books' Structure-

  • Complete theory in simple language.
  • Collection of chapter-wise important questions.

Books' Key Features-

  • Complete NCERT theory is covered.
  • Theory covers all questions asked in central and state-level exams.

Why these books are the best?

  • These books are helpful to the candidates appearing for SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, NDA, CDS, Defence, TET, TGT, PGT, State PCS, State one-day exams, and B.ED. entrance exam.
  • These books help you cover all these subjects- Itihaas, Rajvyavastha, Arthvyavastha, Bhugol Evam Paryavaran, Vigyaan Evam Prodyogiki, and Vigyan in less time. 
  • These books help you cover all important questions of these subjects in a single book.
  •  These books are all you need to study the General Science section.
  •  Many students have benefitted from these books, and you can be the next!

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