Examcart Combo of Bihar (BPSC | BSSC | BPSSC | CSBC) State GK (General Knowledge) Textbook & Chapter-wise Solved Paper book For 2023 Exams in English

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Category : Bihar
Sub-Category : Bihar Police (CSBC / BPSSC)
Book Type : Chapter-wise Solved Papers
Book Medium : Hindi Language
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Book Structure-

  • 50 solved papers.
  • Chapter-wise important practice questions are covered.

Book Key Features-

  • Includes detailed solutions to the questions.
  • Chapter-wise collection of important questions.
  • Bihar state historical, geographical, economic, cultural and all important topics are covered in simple language along with the latest statistical data.
  • A unique and complete book for multiple Bihar Previous years and upcoming exams like BPSC, BPSSC, CSBC, and BSSC.
  • Understand the general knowledge of Bihar state in precise and simple language. 

Why is this book the best?

  • These practice sets are designed just like the actual exam, so you can get a feel of the exam before the actual BPSC, BPSSC, CSBC, and BSSC exams.
  • It includes new and very important questions for your sufficient practice.
  • These combos will help you accurately estimate your readiness for the exams by up to 90% and learn time management before the exam.
  • Practising from the BPSC/CSBC/BSSC chapter-wise solved papers book will help you do self-analysis.
  • If you practice these General Knowledge questions, you’ll be able to solve 90% of the questions in this section easily.
  • This combo is designed for the upcoming exams, after analyzing question papers of previous years.


Bihar Combo Study Guide for BPSSC/CSBC/BSSC


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