Examcart KVS PRT 10 Practice Sets And 05 Solved Papers Book On 2023 Latest Exam Pattern (Prateek Shivalik | English Medium)

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Category : Central Exams
Sub-Category : KVS/NVS/DSSSB
Book Type : Practice Sets
Book Medium : English Language
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Book Structure-

  • Subjects included- Language proficiency(Hindi & English), Reasoning, Pedagogy/ Perspectives of Education and Leadership, Hindi, English, Maths and EVS,Computer Awareness, General Awareness 
  • 10 Practice Sets
  • 5 Solved Papers(2010-2018)

Book Key Features-

  • KVS PRT practice set 2023 is based on the latest exam pattern.
  • KVS PRT practice set contains unique questions based on the new syllabus.

Why is this book the best ?

  • By practicing questions from this best KVS PRT practice set book you may get a strong practice on all topics.
  • Detailed solutions given in order to get a clear explanation for each.
  • You may qualify the exam easily if you practice from this book thoroughly.
  • Absolute preparation for KVS PRT 2023 can be done only from this book.





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