Examcart Combo of Sainik School Class 6 Practice Sets & Guidebook For Entrance Exam 2024 In Hindi

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Book Type : GuideBook
Book Medium : Hindi Language
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Books’ Structure- 

  • Subjects covered in this book- Math | Hindi | General knowledge | Reasoning
  • 3 Solved Papers (2023-2021)
  • 130 Chapter-wise solved papers
  • 1 Mock test

Books’ Key Features-

  • Comprehensive theory based on the latest syllabus.
  • Key points and theory from NCERT textbooks and previous years' questions. .
  • Easy to understand the theory.

Why are these books the best?

  • Study these combos thoroughly, and you’ll be able to answer all the questions in the Sainik School Entrance exam 2024 very easily.
  • A practice set book and guidebook for class 6 Sainik School candidates that will make you 100% exam ready.
  • Examcart Experts say that studying from this guidebook thoroughly will help you solve upcoming exam questions easily.
  • These combos will help you crack the Sainik School Class 6 entrance exam 2024.


Sainik School Class 6 Practice sets